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Code of Honor

The BeraterNET Code of Honor


The member of BeraterNET aligns all its acting and decisions according to the general known, recognized and valid rules and values of our democratic society, especially with regard to responsibility, competence and integrity.

Meeting moral and ethical values will bet he measure for all activities of each member. BeraterNET Bochum e.V. – representing the association of independent consultants – requests all members to apply the following code of honor for and onto themselves:


Just like loyalty and trust of the members towards each other, each member will grant the same towards its contracting party. This represents the only applicable and valid base for its service.

By its acting and performance the member will meet the measures and reputation of BeraterNET.

Special responsibility is granted for the team, for reliability, for data security and for confidentiality – especially to third parties – and is essential part for each member’s performance. The member participates constructively on tasks for and within the association, demonstrates initiative on open tasks, enjoys and maintains active communication with other members


The Member justifies its acting and decisions focused on successfully achieving the project goals, and securing the customers objectives.

The member seeks for highest possible efficiency. It will apply methods, procedures, tools and systems considering the latest knowledge level for to achieve and fulfil the requested functionalities, quality, deadlines and budgets. The member will take responsibility only for tasks and duties matching its skills and experience.

The member perpetually enlarges its know-how for to improve its skills and to possess the latest state of knowledge. Correspondingly the member will advice other members actively with regard to their possible professional improvement.

The member always will make sure to follow fair cooperation and fair commenting for itself, for its fellow members and on projects. The member always demonstrates a  clear behaviour – matter-of-fact and solution orientated.


Each BeraterNET member respects and will perform according to follow common laws and common social values. Each member is willing to account for its performance at any time.

Upon all its acting and decisions, the member will perpetually observe its independency and neutrality.

The member accepts full responsibility of its acting and decisions. Its professional status and position is based on independent service only. The member does not apply unfair or dishonest methods in competition with others.