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The modern IT-world

IT-projects continuously become more complex and less time available. New technologies emerge quicker and quicker. Necessary know-how can be provided by individual experts often only partly and/or too specialized.
On the other hand today’s IT-projects require, as of their complexity, increasingly a broader IT-related knowledge spectrum. Project responsible managers consequently are increasingly challenged with the task to identify matching and efficient resources for project positions.
Both parties – independent contracting specialists and companies – are looking for new opportunities for to have the right person on the right job, enabling a high performing team and to meet the project objectives best and in time.

 Us, the BeraterNET…

…represents a networking association of independent consultants specialized in consulting of organizational, business process related, technical and/or software related topics. The association has been founded in 1999 for to better meet the challenge of a growing and continuously changing market. The group’s major objectives are:

…continuous advancing skills and knowledge for each consultant
…acquisition support by providing references
…bounding/consolidation of know-How
…functional, technical and personnel support in projects
…cost reduction by resource sharing and combined projects

Our customers…

…benefits: Whether individually or within a team – we deliver consulting and concepts, transforming the solution of the past into the future business and IT-solution with and for the customers to meet their requirements and their needs best.
Each consultant acts upon his own behalf independently and autonomously. Yet, common objectives – the cooperative support and our code of honor – especially represent our unique binding factors.

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